Use Spybot to remove WoT (Web of Trust) and avoid unnecessary plugins

If you are following the news, you might already have heard about the Web of Trust browser plugin story (Spybot will remove it for you). German TV channel NDR has unveiled that WoT was stating that it collects and distributes just pseudonymous data. Instead, a lot of easily personally identifiable information was found in a free sample of the data they sell. The investigating journalists claim to have found intimate details even of politicians in the German government. This showcases the dangers of such data in the wild.

What should you do?

As expected, Spybot will remove this toolbar for you asap. Please make sure you get Wednesdays updates!

Now is a good time to check which plugins you’ve got installed. When did you use them the last time? Uninstall them now if you do not need them!

In general, we recommend that you install as few browser plugins as are really necessary. Take your time to check their privacy policy. Any sharing of data is a risk that you should avoid. Even if it is called anonymous or pseudonymous as in this case.

But when you made the wrong choice, Spybot is a great option. It was easy to fail here because WoT had a some reputation. PUPS (Possibly UnPopular Software) is a loose category that’s often on the edge between malicious or just annoying, and is among our main focus group. Safer-Networking Ltd. is not backed by investors who might have a separate interest in certain toolbars. Thus we can and will freely decide to flag software as PUPS based on what we think is best for you, our customers.