Distill useful information from your browser!

Combining our collected knowledge from nearly 20 years of dealing with dozens of browsers, BrowsAlyzer gives you access to the inner data stored by the browsers on your system.

… for the curious

Find out what your browsers store.

… for cyber forensics

If you want to check across all installed browsers, maybe even on an external disk, for certain searches, BrowsAlyzer is a great tool. List all web searches, list all map searches, list all… there are pre-defined searches, but you can define your own, including regular expressions to extract relevant information from URLs.

… for parents

As parents, we know the discussions on whether your should simply trust your kids, or take total control of their online life. If you’ve reached consent with your children that you will check if agreements are kept, you can easily use BrowsAlyzer’s search filters to check e.g. for porn use.


  • It integrates with Spybot Anti-Beacon to create a list of all entries across browsers and categories that could be considered tracking.
  • It integrates with Spybot Identity Monitor to create a list of visited websites that have been compromised in the past.
  • Of course, it integrates with Spybot itself to show a list of cookies and hosts that Spybot wants to block.
  • It allows to open cache files in Nir Sofer’s great NirSoft tools to view cache information, to view databases raw internally or with external tools like DB Browser for SQLite.
  • It brings external sources like the Steven Black hosts files that can help to list all the entries that fit his categories like porn, social, gambling, &c.
  • Of course you can create your own search filters using domain names or even regular expressions.

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Pre-Release Installer
  • Microsoft browsers
  • Chrome based browsers
  • Firefox based browsers
  • Opera browsers
  • Exotic browsers
  • Data integration
  • Filters
  • Classification