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RegAlyzer is a tool to browse and change the registry. It was created because of a few features we missed in the original regedit tool, from support for exotic value types over background and regular expression search to better bookmarks, displaying .reg files in the accustomed style and a history view. RegAlyzer 2, currently available as a release candidate, will support a multi-tabbed interface, value interpretations, constant names for values, and snapshots of hives to track changes.

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Value interpretations

RegAlyzer includes a database of some common registry locations including details that help interpreting registry values, by providing constant names and descriptive texts.

The screenshot shows a system services registry setting, with the lower right panel showing the MSDN description for the selected Start value, while the display list shows what the selected value of 0x3 stands for, and the edit dialog in the foreground demonstrates then when editing, you can choose from a list of named constants instead of having the remember values.

Track changes by comparing to snapshots

RegAlyzer allows to track changes to your registry by comparing its current state against snapshots you have made.

The screenshot shows an example with various changes. Old and new data is displayed, and the size, or changes to the size, as well.

Hierarchical bookmark manager with live preview

RegAlyzer 2 brings a new bookmark manager that offers a hierarchical storage for bookmarks.

Not in this screenshot is the last column, which offers a live preview, so that you can use bookmarks to have a quick look at a variety of registry values in different places.

Hive Manager

Hives are files that store parts of the registry. RegAlyzer locates inactive hives on other drives and allows you to use the registry inside. This helps for example when running it from a bootable CD or DVD to repair a system.

The integrated Hive Manager also allows you to make snapshots of all hives, which will allow you to track changes made to them.


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