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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Anti-Beacon support Windows 10 April Update (1803)?

Yes, we've updated Anti-Beacon to support changes made by Windows 10 April Update (Version 1803). To benefit from blocking the new tracking schemes, please use at least Spybot Anti-Beacon version 2.1.

Does Anti-Beacon support Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809)?

Spybot Anti-Beacon 3.1  supports new privacy settings of the Windows 10 October 2018 like clipboard cloud sharing.

You can read more about Anti-Beacon using the link below:



How to activate my Anti-Beacon license?

To activate your Anti-Beacon License:

Press License within the software then click the button Enter License Key.

Here you can enter the license key you've received on the purchase confirmation page (and in the email and receipt as well).

How to check if Anti-Beacon is responsible for missing Windows functionality?

Anti-Beacon blocks various parts of Windows that can be regarding as tracking you, the user. In case this has unwanted side-effects, please open up Anti-Beacon, press the Customize button and test, one by one, which Anti-Beacon immunizer is responsible for this.

Some changes Spybot Anti-Beacon applies can only be reverted by rebooting the system after undoing the Anti-Beacon immunizer.

Why should I buy Anti-Beacon Plus?

Keeping track of changes that appear in Windows updates requires time and knowledge. A curated list packed into a simple to use application saves you the effort required to research all necessary settings. Our regular updates will help you to keep your mind on more important things.

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