UK Snooper’s Charter – Spybot Integrated VPN

Snooper's Charter
Due to the recent privacy concerns arising from the UK’s new Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter or Snooper’s Charter) and the recent ban of Tor and certain VPNs in Turkey, we are happy to announce we have increased the priority of a task we have been working on; an integrated VPN for Spybot – Search & Destroy.

It has always been a belief of ours that an integrated VPN is an incredibly useful additional tool for protecting the privacy of your data. We have been investigating many VPN solutions to find the best one to be included in our program.

With the introduction of this new bill and the privacy concerns it brings in the UK, we now believe a VPN is a necessity to protect your privacy, and we are working to implement the VPN solution we have found as soon as possible. The introduction of this bill means metadata about your phone calls, text messages, internet browsing histories, voice-call records and social media conversations will be stored by communications providers for at least 12 months and handed over to law enforcement and security services upon request (if you currently reside in the UK).

Regardless of the restrictions that are applied, we will continue our efforts to protect the privacy of our users’ data, and we will try to ensure that our customers can stay a step ahead of anyone who is attempting to monitor or steal their data or communications.