New Spybot YouTube Tutorials

Safer-Networking Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the first video of our official Spybot tutorial series on YouTube.

In this series, Rob from Team Spybot (RobBot at the Spybot Forum) will progress through the steps involved in installing, updating, configuring, and using, Spybot. For the purpose of these video tutorials, Rob will be installing and configuring Spybot on a Windows 10 virtual machine. This virtual machine should function exactly as a Windows 10 PC would in the circumstances.

We hope these tutorial videos are useful to users who are unfamiliar with Spybot, and they will hopefully still be of value to users with more experience, who would like to get to know the program and the features it contains a little better.

For his first video, Rob will be explaining in detail how to download and install Spybot 2.4 (Free Edition). In his next video, he will be explaining the process of upgrading to Spybot 2.5 (Free Edition), before moving on to the installation of a licensed edition of Spybot – Search & Destroy.

We hope to release many more helpful videos in the future, documenting in detail the useful features of Spybot, and explaining causes of (and solutions for) any issues with the program that are brought to our attention. We hope this will ensure that our users’ devices are not left unprotected if they experience any problems using, or configuring, Spybot.

If you experience any issues with Spybot that are not decribed or encountered in our video tutorials, please contact our dedicated Support Team to let them know. They will provide support to solve your issue, and if the same issue is reported to us by several users, we will work on creating a video version of the solution to include in the YouTube series.