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Spybot 2 est téléchargeable gratuitement pour un usage privé. Aidez-nous à continuer d’offrir ce service qui permet de protéger le droit des individus au respect de leur vie privée grâce à une contribution financière !

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For obvious reasons we do not post our bank details on line. If you want to donate by bank transfer we can email you our details email.

Donate by mail

If you send your donation by mail, we will email you to to let you know that we have received it. Please note that our bank will only accept cheques issued to "Safer-Networking Ltd.".

This is our P.O. Box address you can send your donations to:

Safer-Networking Ltd.
POBox 16
Co. Wicklow

Please don’t forget to include your email address (please write legibly) - otherwise we can’t email you back. As a rule, we don’t send receipts by postal mail. Thank you. ;)

Postal Money Orders

Postal Money Orders from OUTSIDE Ireland can not be exchanged here.