Updating Spybot +AV (Video Tutorial)

Safer-Networking Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the latest video in the Spybot tutorial series, “Updating Spybot +AV”.

In this video, Rob from Team Spybot outlines the steps required to download and install the latest updates for Spybot +AV after purchasing and installing your license.

Click here for the tutorial outlining the steps to install your new Spybot license.

We hope these tutorial videos will be useful to users who are unfamiliar with Spybot, and they will hopefully still be of value to more experienced users who would like to get to know the program and the features it contains a little better.

If you experience any issues with Spybot updates that are not described or encountered in our video tutorials, please contact our dedicated Support Team to let them know. They will provide support to solve your issue, and if the same issue is reported to us by several users, we will work on creating a video version of the solution to include in the YouTube series.

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