Why you should update to the latest version of Spybot

Improved Features

Since we introduced Spybot 2.0 we have constantly been working on improving the product.  The introduction of Spybot 2.3 brought a product that was easier to use and had more useful features, Spybot version 2.4 continues to add more improvements. Our primary goal is always to improve speed and usability of the previous versions. The software was completely rewritten for version 2.0 and it included a new user interface as well as major improvements in functionality and performance.

Several Editions

We now publish several Editions of Spybot, so users can choose the most suitable to their requirements. Like the previous versions, there is still a fully functional ‘Free Edition’ of the latest version for personal, non commercial use.

Full Antivirus protection

In the Home Edition and above we also included an award winning antivirus engine. Now our products provide not only detection and removal of adware and spyware but also complete protection against all types of malware.

Legacy Information

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