Spybot 3.x FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Spybot compatible with Windows 10?

Yes it is!

We've successfully tested it with Windows 10 April Update (Version 1803), and the coming update works except for the Security Center integration, for which we'll provide an update in time.

When will Spybot 3 be available?

We're working hard on Spybot 3 every day, and expect it to be ready before the end of the year.

You can take a look at the new user interface in Spybot Anti-Beacon, or the upcoming Android version. And of course this website, which has been cleaned up and now comes in the same Spybot 3 look.

Why does Firefox Immunization get undone frequently?

Firefox Immunization works by adding negative permissions to your Firefox profile, which will effectively block elements.

Some registry cleaners are unable to distinguish between positive and negative permissions and will simply remove all permissions from your Firefox profile.

Workaround for CCleaner

On the Applications tab, in the Firefox section, make sure Site Preferences is unticked.

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