Safer-Networking Mirror Policy

1. Visitor Privacy

1.1. Hosts mirroring Spybot-S&D or other Safer-Networking software (simply called mirrors from here on) may not collect data about their visitors/downloaders for any other reason than demographic purposes, and that only in compiled shape.

1.2. Mirrors may not sell any personally identifiable data they collected about their visitors, nor give it away for free.

1.3. If mirrors are collecting compiled data, they have to take precaution that this data is kept safe.

1.4. Mirrors may not use cookies to track the external behaviour of their visitors (meaning no use of the referrer in cookies and otherwise only in compiled, non-identifiable form).

2. Keeping up to date

2.1. Mirrors may use our PAD file ( if they want to automatically update their sites; they will also get email notification about new versions in advance.

2.2. Mirrors are not allowed to provide older versions than the current public version (and later betas, if wanted) in any way. However, if a major bug is found that may require suspending continued release then reverting to the next previous version without this bug is acceptable.

2.3. Mirrors may use information given to them by Safer-Networking freely until explicitely stated otherwise – we have nothing to hide.

2.4. Mirrors may design their own page(s) to point to the download as long as this pages contain enough information about the product, the logo, the license and a link to the Safer-Networking main homepage and the support forum. These pages may not contain more than two ad banners, which may not show any offensive content. Ad banners are under the same restriction of cookies and tracking as the mirroring host itself. Pop up and pop under ads are also not allowed.

2.5. Mirrors are asked to be part of the beta process. Even though this is not necessary or required, it would help the mirror itself to keep up to date on the current progress.

3. Legal stuff

3.1. Mirrors cannot charge a fee of any kind for any reason for providing SpyBot-S&D downloads.

3.2. Mirrors must stop mirroring and delete all data about their visitors regarding Safer-Networking if they no longer comply to this policy.

3.3. Mirrors must notify Safer-Networking that they are a mirror and also when they decide to discontinue being a mirror.

3.4. Mirrors will be notified in advance about any changes to this policy.

Legacy Information

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