Does anybody remember E.T.?

Does anybody remember E.T.? Yes, that was a long time ago, and the cute alien really wanted to “phone home”. That might have been entertaining in 1982 – but today it is a bit different…

Nowadays, some software companies seem to be obsessed with “feedback”.

Error reports? Send them off to Mummy. Process operations? Quickly to Daddy. User behaviour? Oh yes, send it home to the developer family – straight away and constantly…

No problem, you say? Fair enough, if you REALLY don’t care who collects data from you every minute you are online, that’s your decision. But do you also want to hand over computing power and bandwidth, just like that? We think that there comes a point where enough is enough!

Whether you value your privacy or just want to work in peace: For the past four years Anti-Beacon has been helping to put an end to unwanted data collection. With Anti-Beacon, Windows 10 wanting to “phone home” is a thing of the past: Just a few clicks are enough and “Daddy Gates” won’t tap your line any more!
Since Anti-Beacon has been such a great success, we’ve made it even better now. And for good reason: Apart from Microsoft, there are a lot of other companies and developers who only want your best – namely, your data. Google? You know. HP and Lenovo? That’s obvious, too.

Games like Civilization VI, The Elder Scrolls or Total War? If you only knew… And – surprise, surprise – even the “good guys” try and get everything out of you: Even LibreOffice and Mozilla Firefox are keen on your data.

You can control it, you can stop it. Liberate yourself! Use Spybot Anti-Beacon and with only a few clicks, you are in charge again.