Secure File Shredder

Secure File Shredder 1

Spybot’s Secure File Shredder is a tool designed to completely eradicate files and malware.

Normally when a file is deleted, the PC will simply delete the location information for the file. The file still exists, but is lost on the hard drive. It can still be retrieved, in part or in full, using data retrieval software.

Secure File Shredder 2

When a file is deleted using the Secure File Shredder, the location on the hard drive where this was stored can be overwritten up to 100 times with random data to ensure that no data from the file is retrievable.

The Secure File Shredder tool is available for home users in the Professional Edition of Spybot, and in all business user editions.

Secure File Shredder 3

Warning to users: Once files have been shredded using the Secure File Shredder, no information about these files can be recovered – not even their previous names. Please ensure you do not delete a file with this tool that you may want to access at a later time.

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