RootAlyzer is a tool used to scan for programs on your PC with certain rootkit technologies. It will display information about these programs’ rootkit capabilities, even if the programs are not in Spybot’s detections database. The RootAlyzer is a single tool which goes through the file system, the registry and process related lists.

When you start RootAlyzer, it performs a very quick scan of a few important places, taking about a second on modern machines. To check the full system, you have the possibility of choosing a Deep Scan.

Using RootAlyzer is as simple as downloading the zip file, extracting it to a location on your PC, and running the program from the folder. RootAlyzer does not need to be installed, but it is necessary to run it as an administrator to ensure it has the correct permissions necessary to run on your PC.


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Available languages:

Unfortunately, RootAlyzer is currently only available as a standalone tool in English. A multilingual version of this tool is included in paid editions of Spybot.

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