How do I scan different drives on my PC?

There are two ways to scan different drives, such as external drives or networked PCs:

  1. To run a System Scan on a drive:

    • Please go to: Start Center > System Scan
    • In the “System Scan” window, click “Stop Scan” if the scan has started automatically. This message will then change to “Show Scan Results”.
    • Click the dropdown arrow beside “Show Scan Results” and select “Scan with different options”.
    • Here, you can choose to select/deselect any drives connected to your PC to include in the System Scan.
  2. If you wish to scan a specific folder:
    • Navigate to the File/Folder/Drive, right-click on it, click “Spybot – Search & Destroy” in this menu, and then click “Scan Folder”.
    • To use this option, System Integration must be enabled.

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