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Your Shout!

julho 12th, 2018

Your opinion matters! – your experience can help us to continue to improve. We would really appreciate it if you complete a short survey and give us your honest opinion about #Spybot and our other products. Spybot Survey

Anti-Beacon protects Gamers!

junho 22nd, 2018

Today we give you Spybot Anti-Beacon 2.2, which protects you from RedShell-using games calling home. Once installed, you can verify that they’re blocked by pressing Customize and checking the RedShell option. RedShell is a tracking module that comes shipped with … Continue lendo

World Cup Special Offer

junho 14th, 2018

The World Cup has just kicked off! The Irish Team won’t be there this year, but we are good sports, so we are offering a discount on all of our Spybot products. Simply enter the voucher code ‘twenty18’ on the … Continue lendo

Is Windows tracking you? Get Spybot Anti-Beacon 2.1!

maio 29th, 2018

New version available! Disable Windows’ tracking the easy way by using Spybot Anti-Beacon. Now with the fresh new look of the upcoming Spybot 3, and updated for the Windows 10 April 2018 update! Download SpybotAntiBeacon-2.1-setup.exe

Here comes 2.7

maio 3rd, 2018

This is the new Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.7.64 We are proud to present a new version of Spybot – Search & Destroy that will give you not only new features, but better security and faster scans. Start Center … Continue lendo

Spybot 2.7 Launch Giveaway

abril 26th, 2018

We are now in the final stages of beta testing Spybot 2.7. As a reward to our loyal customers, we are raffling three licenses for Spybot Professional Edition version 2.7. To enter the competition please click on the link below. … Continue lendo

Spybot 2.7 Beta – Easier, faster, safer!

abril 23rd, 2018

Spybot 2.7 Beta is ready for download! Reacting to the feedback from our users, we have improved the integration with our OEM partners and the efficiency of the ‘Live Protection’. Some other minor issues have also been resolved. If you … Continue lendo

St Patrick’s Special Offer

março 12th, 2018

St Patrick is famous for driving the snakes out of Ireland – #Spybot is famous for removing malware from your computer. In honour of St. Patrick’s Day we have a Special Offer. Until the 19th March you can buy 3-user … Continue lendo

Successfully Completed: Spybot Anti-Beacon Beta Test

fevereiro 22nd, 2018

Team Spybot would like to thank all the users who took part in the beta test of the eagerly-anticipated ‘Spybot Anti-Beacon Version 3’. The test program is now closed, and the team is fixing a few bugs that were identified. … Continue lendo

Spybot Anti-Beacon Beta (Video Tutorial)

janeiro 18th, 2018

Safer-Networking Ltd is happy to announce a new tutorial video is available on our YouTube channel. This tutorial is for the recently-released beta version of Spybot Anti-Beacon. Many users of our products have applied to participate in the beta test … Continue lendo

Spybot is looking for Beta Testers!

dezembro 20th, 2017

Be one of the first people to experience the new version of Spybot Anti-Beacon. This is one of our most popular Antispyware products for protecting users’ personal data. Spybot Anti-Beacon version 3 is a completely new design with a brand … Continue lendo

2017 International Anti-Virus Conference

novembro 30th, 2017

This November, Safer-Networking Ltd was invited to speak at the second annual International Anti-Virus Conference in Tjanjin. Our Senior Malware Analyst gave a well-received presentation on the benefits of OpenSBI, our framework for analyzing files and writing detection patterns, at … Continue lendo

Usage Tracks Scan (Video Tutorial)

setembro 15th, 2017

In this video tutorial, Rob from Team Spybot details the steps involved in scanning for usage tracks on your PC, and removing them using Spybot. This is a simple process that can be done in Spybot’s System Scan window. What … Continue lendo

Cleaning Temporary Files using the System Scan (Video Tutorial)

agosto 31st, 2017

In this video tutorial, Rob from Team Spybot details the steps involved in cleaning temp (temporary) files from your PC using Spybot. This is a simple process that can be done in Spybot’s system scan window. Cleaning temporary files is … Continue lendo

Why you should care about cookies

agosto 17th, 2017

What are Cookies? Whenever you enter most websites these days, you may be asked to accept cookies. A cookie is a piece of data that is used to store user preferences for websites that have been previously visited. The purpose … Continue lendo

Hosts File and Spybot Immunization

julho 24th, 2017

Did you know about the #Hosts file? It is just a text file without an extension. You can find it in the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc on your PC. This Hosts file offers a simple and alternative name resolution mechanism. It maps … Continue lendo

Disabling the SMB Protocol in Microsoft Windows

julho 7th, 2017

What is SMBv1? SMBv1 specifies a part of your Windows installation that is responsible for accessing documents on other computers in your house (network), and lets them access yours. Why remove or disable it? The SMBv1 protocol is very outdated. … Continue lendo

Goldeneye / NotPetya Ransomware

junho 28th, 2017

A massive ransomware campaign is currently unfolding worldwide. Several critical infrastructure institutions in Ukraine have already been taken offline. Preliminary information shows that the malware sample responsible for the infection is an almost identical clone of the GoldenEye ransomware family. … Continue lendo

Spybot Giveaway!

junho 23rd, 2017

Can you help find C-3PO?? Spybot has begun its first Special Giveaway where you have the chance to win a Spybot Professional License and a Spybot T-Shirt. All you have to do is answer the question in the link below … Continue lendo

Spybot 2.6 is here!

junho 19th, 2017

We at Safer-Networking Ltd. are pleased to announce the release of version 2.6 of our popular anti-malware software ‘Spybot – Search & Destroy’. This version contains not only bug fixes but we have also improved security using Extended Validation (EV) … Continue lendo

Updating Spybot +AV (Video Tutorial)

maio 9th, 2017

Safer-Networking Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the latest video in the Spybot tutorial series, “Updating Spybot +AV”. In this video, Rob from Team Spybot outlines the steps required to download and install the latest updates for Spybot … Continue lendo

Spybot Digital Signature Publisher Unknown

maio 9th, 2017

We regret to inform our users that due to a recent issue with our digital signatures, some Spybot files now have expired certificates. If you are launching Spybot as an administrator, installing a recently-purchased license, or downloading the latest updates … Continue lendo

Updating the Free Edition of Spybot (Video Tutorial)

abril 7th, 2017

We are happy to announce our latest tutorial video has been released. In this video, Rob from Team Spybot outlines the steps involved in updating Spybot, and verifying the latest updates have been downloaded and installed successfully using the update … Continue lendo

Upgrading your Spybot license to a new Edition (Video Tutorial)

março 29th, 2017

In our latest video tutorial, Rob details the steps required to upgrade your Spybot license to a different edition. If you have not purchased and installed the correct edition of Spybot, you can contact our Sales Team and purchase the … Continue lendo

Upgrading Spybot Free to Spybot Antivirus (Video Tutorial)

março 29th, 2017

In our latest video tutorial, Rob details the steps required to install your Spybot license, if the Free Edition of Spybot is already installed on your PC. This will upgrade the Free Edition of Spybot that is installed to the … Continue lendo

Downloading & Installing Spybot +AV (Video Tutorial)

março 14th, 2017

In our latest video tutorial, Rob details the steps required to download and install your Spybot +AV license for the first time. He will also show how to verify that the license has been installed, and how to check your … Continue lendo

Upgrading Spybot – Search & Destroy to version 2.5 on Windows 10

fevereiro 21st, 2017

A new tutorial video is now available detailing the process of upgrading Spybot – Search & Destroy from version 2.4 to version 2.5 on Windows 10. This guide is also relevant for users of Windows 7 and 8, although the … Continue lendo

New Spybot YouTube Tutorials

fevereiro 8th, 2017

Safer-Networking Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the first video of our official Spybot tutorial series on YouTube. In this series, Rob from Team Spybot (RobBot at the Spybot Forum) will progress through the steps involved in installing, … Continue lendo

UK Snooper’s Charter – Spybot Integrated VPN

dezembro 19th, 2016

Due to the recent privacy concerns arising from the UK’s new Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter or Snooper’s Charter) and the recent ban of Tor and certain VPNs in Turkey, we are happy to announce we have … Continue lendo

Spybot Anti-Beacon 1.6 now available

dezembro 5th, 2016

Many thanks for all the patience waiting for an update to Spybot Anti-Beacon! We spent a lot of time working on Spybot 3. And now that Spybot Anti-Beacon will also be integrated into Spybot 3, we found time to continue … Continue lendo

Use Spybot to remove WoT (Web of Trust) and avoid unnecessary plugins

novembro 7th, 2016

If you are following the news, you might already have heard about the Web of Trust browser plugin story (Spybot will remove it for you). German TV channel NDR has unveiled that WoT was stating that it collects and distributes just pseudonymous data. … Continue lendo

Fix for recent Spybot AV update error (updated 2nd Feb 2017)

julho 20th, 2016

Some users have reported that they are unable to download the most recent antivirus updates for licensed versions of Spybot. Instructions to fix this issue can be found below. For users experiencing issues installing malware signatures or updating the Free … Continue lendo

Spybot 2.5 and Scanner 2.6

abril 21st, 2016

Spybot version 2.4 is the most recent version of Spybot available on our website. Users of the Windows 10 Operating System may encounter issues using this version of Spybot, so we have included files in Spybot’s updates to allow users … Continue lendo

Payment System Issues 2016-04-20 (resolved)

abril 21st, 2016

Please note that if you tried to purchase a Spybot license in the last 24 hours, your order may not have been processed properly due to technical issues with our payment system. If you encountered this issue, your license request … Continue lendo

Fix for System Scan freeze on Zlob.ZipCodec

março 22nd, 2016

Many users have recently been affected by a feature in the Spybot program that caused the scanner to freeze on the final file of the scan, and the “Settings” button in the Start Center to become unresponsive. We are happy … Continue lendo

Spybot Anti-Beacon Analysis and Tutorial

novembro 26th, 2015

Some users of Spybot Anti-Beacon may be happy to learn that Youtube user Barnacules Nerdgasm has recently released an informative tutorial about disabling telemetry in Windows 10. In this video, Barnacules installs Spybot Anti-Beacon, and provides a detailed walkthrough of … Continue lendo

Spybot Anti-Beacon Privacy-Protection Tool

setembro 18th, 2015

Spybot Anti-Beacon is a simple, portable and free tool built by Safer-Networking Ltd. It was designed to disable the various tracking (telemetry) features present in Windows 10. It has since been modified to disable similar tracking functionality in Windows 7, … Continue lendo

Spybot 1.6 and sbNet Update Issue

agosto 20th, 2015

Update (24-08-15): This issue has since been resolved. We are currently experiencing issues providing our latest updates for Spybot 1.6 and sbNet Business Edition users. We are working on this around the clock and expect to have this problem fixed … Continue lendo

Spybot 2.5 Compatibility

julho 29th, 2015

Spybot 2.5 is soon to be released for download. While it may look the same as version 2.4, there have been some changes made to this version to ensure compatibility with Microsoft’s new Windows 10. Unfortunately, these changes mean Spybot … Continue lendo

Spybot 2.4 and Windows 10

julho 1st, 2015

Spybot 2.4 runs fine on current Windows 10 test versions, even if the Windows Upgrade Advisor advises otherwise. Microsoft has announced, on a page no longer online, that they will uninstall antimalware software on an Windows 10 upgrade, and re-install … Continue lendo

Malware removal guides

maio 12th, 2015

Not all malware, spyware or viruses can be removed automatically by software. Some intrusive software can only be removed manually. Safer-Networking Ltd, as well as providing a free edition of their malware removal tool Spybot Search & Destroy, also provide … Continue lendo

Spybot in Croatian is here!

maio 6th, 2015

Your favourite antivirus and anti-malware internet security software, Spybot – Search and Destroy, is now available in Croatian! To change to the language settings within Spybot select ‘Advanced User Mode’, choose Settings/Language and select your language from the list. Spybot … Continue lendo

Spybot will soon be available in Croatian

abril 28th, 2015

We will soon be adding Croatian to the list of languages that Spybot is provided in. For all the Croatian-speaking people who have been waiting anxiously for this, we are proud to say that your favourite antivirus and anti-malware software … Continue lendo

Spybot is now available in Spanish!

agosto 1st, 2014

We have finally completed the Spanish translation of the Spybot user interface and it will be available for those who update their software after 30th July. Now our loyal Spanish speaking users will be able to access all functions of … Continue lendo

Ransom and Blackmail DDoS— who’s really behind this?

julho 14th, 2014

Ransom and extortion is no longer reserved for sensational news and bad movies; cyber hackers are diving headfirst into this growing area of criminality. Hackers know you care dearly for your website, and they expect your protective instinct will translate … Continue lendo

New Spybot 2.4 fixes several updating problems

julho 1st, 2014

Responding to user reports we released Spybot 2.4 today which fixes some bugs in Spybot’s Updater: problems when bdcore.dll is updated (only Spybot +AV editions) for antivirus updates the proxy settings were ignored (only Spybot +AV editions) we rephrased the … Continue lendo

Version 2.3, a more user orientated version of Spybot has now been released

abril 28th, 2014

In response to the latest techniques used by malware developers we have added new enhanced detection methods. This means better protection against the new wave of spyware, rootkits  and viruses. Scanning and cleaning is now much faster. We have ‘tweaked’ … Continue lendo

Updates around Christmas and New Year

dezembro 23rd, 2013

Due to the fact that Christmas and New Year are on a Wednesday this season, we will postpone the antispyware updates to the Friday after Christmas and New Year respectively. We wish all of you a peaceful and quiet time … Continue lendo

New Spybot 2.2 to support Windows® 8.1

outubro 17th, 2013

Microsoft will soon be releasing version 8.1 of their Windows® operating system. While testing Windows 8.1 for Spybot +AV compatibility, we encountered changes to the Windows® Security Center and some other security techniques that made an update to Spybot necessary. … Continue lendo

Spybot 2.1 Service Release

julho 30th, 2013

The second service release of Spybot 2.1 is now available. As well as background improvements we have also included updated language files and installation is now smoother. As a result of feedback from users we have also changed the default … Continue lendo