What can I do if Spybot-S&D freezes during scan?

Please disable all other security programs that you run and close all other programs during the work with Spybot – Search & Destroy.

Also run a scan in safe mode:
That should fix it.

It should also help to deactivate the scanning for usage tracks and Cookies.
Please run Spybot-S&D and switch to “Advanced mode” via the menu bar item “Mode”. Now select “Settings” –> “File Sets” in the navigation bar on the left. The checkboxes in front of “Usage tracking, Beta.uti, NewTracks.uti and Tracks.uti” have to be unticked if you do not want to find usage tracks anymore. For excluding Cookies from the search deactivate the checkbox in front of Cookies.sbi.

If this does not help, please delete the contents of your Windows temp folder and try it again. Also, you might want to disable the Create system restore point when fixing spyware/usage tracks option on the settings page.

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