Version 2.3, a more user orientated version of Spybot has now been released

April 28, 2014 - 3:45 pm

In response to the latest techniques used by malware developers we have added new enhanced detection methods. This means better protection against the new wave of spyware, rootkits  and viruses.

Scanning and cleaning is now much faster. We have ‘tweaked’ our scanning engine so it now scans faster and some cleaning tasks are now fully automated.

We have also made certain features of Spybot easier to access from the user interface at the request of our customers, many of whom gave us very useful feedback. There have also been many other functional improvements and enhancements.

For example:

  • Improved Startup Tools. These powerful tools now work with even the latest Windows Operating Systems.
  • SDScan now runs automatically with escalated privileges. This means no more annoying restarts and no need to run SDCleaner.

Furthermore we have added an exciting new ‘Notifications’ feature:

Spybot can now be configured to send the results of scans on your PC to your mobile device, server, chat or website. You no longer have to wait around while Spybot is doing a scan. As soon as your scan finishes a message will be sent to your chosen recipient and you will be informed of possible threats. This means you can react and make decisions on what action to take much faster.


(File size 45 MB, MD5 checksum: 99486b7c771bd3049fba3333ed848711)

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