Open SBI Detection Rules

Open SBI Rules

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The OpenSBI Editor is an advanced editor for the detection database. This allows you to create your detection rules to be used by Spybot +AV. Using the OpenSBI syntax, which is documented on a dedicated OpenSBI wiki, you can use almost the same features our malware analysts use to keep your PC protected.

For example: An administrator could create a set of rules to remove software from users systems that is no longer allowed within an organisation. Thus the Administrator could use Spybot +AV to clean their client network of software that is forbidden in the company. New sets of rules, saved in the Spybot +AV subfolder Includes, are enabled by default. They can be disabled in the Categories section in Spybot’s Settings.

Some advantages:

  1. Diversity – everyone can create detection templates for any software, without depending on a central authority to acknowledge its threat.
  2. Neutrality – we cannot be bought to remove detections from our database, but if you do not believe us, you can simply publish your own rules against some malware.
  3. Continuity – OpenSBI ensures that you’ll get updates as long as someone is interested in updating the database.

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