How to refresh the system whitelist?

When you first install Spybot +AV you will have the option to create a whitelist. This is a list of programs that are known to be safe. This will speed up the scanning process as these files will not be scanned in the future unless they have been altered in some way.

30 days after the time Spybot +AV was installed this option will no longer appear in the ‘Start Center’. The reason for this happening is that it is recommended not to create a whitelist on systems that have been in use for some time as you may ‘whitelist’ files that have become infected.

If you want to refresh your whitelist and the option is no longer available in the ‘Start Center’ it can still be done manually.

To do this, navigate to the folder where Spybot is installed. If Spybot was installed in the default directory, this will be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot – Search & Destroy 2

Here, locate the executable file ‘SDPrepPos.exe’ and run it as an administrator by right-clicking the file and choosing the option to “run as administrator”. This must be done to ensure Spybot has the permissions it needs to function correctly.

You will then be prompted to create a whitelist.

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How to remove the system whitelist?


You can delete the whitelist file in the Includes sub-folder of the Spybot – Search & Destroy install folder, which is by default:

Windows XP:

C:\Program Files\Spybot – Search & Destroy 2\Includes\

Windows Vista or higher:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot – Search & Destroy 2\Includes\


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Why did the Whitelist link disappear (from the Start Center)?

The option to create a whitelist is only being offered on systems that are not older than 30 days.
If your system has been installed more than 30 days ago, the Whitelist Creator can not be started via the Start Center. If you still want to create a whitelist you can use the ‘SDPrepPos’ in the Spybot – Search & Destroy program folder, by default:
Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Spybot – Search & Destroy 2
Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8: C:\Programs (x86)\Spybot – Search & Destroy 2

A Whitelist should only be created on a system that is known to be uninfected.
We recommend that you only use it on a new system, after all software has been set up,
but before connecting it to the Internet.

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