How to disable the proxy?

Here is how to disable the proxy:

  • Open the Spybot – Search & Destroy “Start Center“.
  • Click on “Advanced User Mode” at the bottom left of the “Start Center”.
  • Rightclick on “Settings“ and choose “Run as administrator”.
  • Choose the tab “Internet Protection”.
  • Here you can untick the checkbox in front of “Use Spybot proxy”.

You can also access this setting by choosing “Configure Proxy“ in the “Updater“ menu on the left.

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Why are some of my favourite internet sites blocked?

In that case the immunization has to be undone. To do so run the Start Center and click on “Immunization“. On the navigation bar on the left you can “Undo immunization“.
Please note: Now the bad downloads will not be blocked any longer! You may have to restart your computer. Then try again to open your favourite pages. Do not forget to Immunize again after visiting that page.

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