“Forensics for Future”

September 23, 2019 - 10:06 am

Friday marked a day for a global climate strike, and the begin of the Week for Climate.

We – the anti-malware industry – provide a technology that consumes a lot of electrical energy. Dedicated computers running 24/7 process millions of malware files each day on our side. Computers running anti-malware scans use up a lot of power on your side as well.

But there’s also the other side: the malware we remove – from adware up to power hungry cryptominers – also consumes energy. You probably know this well from your smartphone – the more apps run in the background, the faster the battery drains.

One of our directors has a background of over 30 years in industrial scale energy conservation. The development of Spybot is run on green electricity for nearly twenty years now. We’ll use the Week for Climate to hold additional meetings and discussions and appoint a Climate Officer responsible for taking the topic into all future discussions.

And if you don’t believe in climate change – at least our efforts will have an impact on your electricity bill.

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