Spybot – Search & Destroy for corporate use

Why use the sbNet?

sbNet is designed for environments where computers have a permanent connection to a network. It provides two components, the Update and Configuration Server (UCS) and the Spybot 1.6 Clients.

The UCS is simple to configure and handles update requests from clients on a local area network. Spybot 1.6 clients do not need to download the updates directly from the Internet. There is less Internet traffic and a significant bandwidth saving.

Spybot 1.6 Clients request updates at preconfigured times or on demand. The administrator decides when updates are made available which means they can be tested before they are deployed on the network. The Spybot 1.6 Clients can be configured to request updates fromthe UCS, an external web server or a file share the UCS has write access to.

In addition to deploying signature and software updates to the Spybot 1.6 Clients the UCS can be used to configure and distribute standard configuration to the Spybot 1.6 Clients.
This allows you to

  • schedule Spybot 1.6 scans on its clients
  • monitor the scan results via email
  • manage the configuration of the Spybot 1.6 installations
  • remotely set a password to prevent users from making changes to Spybot’s configuration

OpenSBI support

sbNet supports OpenSBI. This feature allows administrators to create their own detection pattern files to detect software they do not want in their environment. Using OpenSBI allows you to

  • create detection templates for any software
  • add or remove custom detections additionally to protected vendor provided updates
  • ensures that you are not dependent on one vendor for updates

For more information on OpenSBI please refer to our Wiki or you can download the documentation for this product: sbNet documentation (PDF).

In order to use the features of the Update and Configuration Server you must install the Spybot 1.6 Client.

Evaluation copies

If you want to test this product in your environment, ask for a 30 day evaluation copy. During the evaluation period you will have full access to our Support Team and our Technical Forums.