Spybot Anti-Beacon Analysis and Tutorial

Some users of Spybot Anti-Beacon may be happy to learn that Youtube user Barnacules Nerdgasm has recently released an informative tutorial about disabling telemetry in Windows 10.

In this video, Barnacules installs Spybot Anti-Beacon, and provides a detailed walkthrough of the features and options available in the program.

If you are interested in learning more about how Spybot Anti-Beacon works and what it does, this video should answer any questions you may have.

Link to video

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Spybot Anti-Beacon Privacy-Protection Tool

Spybot Anti-Beacon is a simple, portable and free tool built by Safer-Networking Ltd. It was designed to disable the various tracking (telemetry) features present in Windows 10. It has since been modified to disable similar tracking functionality in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

As many Windows users may know, updates were released recently for these operating systems which included options to automatically send usage data to Microsoft to help improve their products. Instructions for disabling these new updates, and the features associated with them, began to be circulated on the internet almost immediately by privacy-concerned users. Many of these instructions were incorrect or incomplete, so we have created Spybot Anti-Beacon to disable all known telemetry options with the click of a button.

Spybot Anti-Beacon is updated regularly to include any new telemetry options added. This means that users no longer have to worry if there is still a telemetry option enabled that they may have missed manually, or that a new telemetry option has been included in a recent update for their operating system.

For more information about Spybot Anti-Beacon, or to download this tool, see the main page for this tool.

Spybot 1.6 and sbNet Update Issue

Update (24-08-15): This issue has since been resolved.

We are currently experiencing issues providing our latest updates for Spybot 1.6 and sbNet Business Edition users. We are working on this around the clock and expect to have this problem fixed soon.

Users of Spybot 2.0 and above, or the Corporate or Technician Business Editions, should not experience any issues regarding updates.

We apologise for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

Spybot 2.5 Compatibility

Spybot 2.5 is soon to be released for download. While it may look the same as version 2.4, there have been some changes made to this version to ensure compatibility with Microsoft’s new Windows 10.

Unfortunately, these changes mean Spybot 2.5 is not compatible with Windows XP. Users of Windows XP are advised to continue to use version 2.4 for now.

If you are installing Spybot using your license file, version 2.5 may also be automatically installed. For this reason, XP users are advised to install Spybot 2.4 Free Edition from any of the links provided on our mirrors page, and then run the license file to apply it to the Free Edition of Spybot 2.4 which you installed.

Spybot 2.4 and Windows 10

Spybot 2.4 runs fine on current Windows 10 test versions, even if the Windows Upgrade Advisor advises otherwise.

Microsoft has announced, on a page no longer online, that they will uninstall antimalware software on an Windows 10 upgrade, and re-install it only for those with a valid subscription.

In our tests, current builds of Windows 10 do not show this behaviour yet. And so far, no one at Microsoft seems to know or be able to tell how a valid subscription is defined.

Should the upgrade, once it is published on July 29th, remove Spybot, please re-install Spybot. Customers of paid editions can use the email link they received.

If it should become necessary and possible for us to update Spybot to make the Windows upgrade easier, we’ll react immediately and release Spybot 2.5 to cover Microsofts requirements.

Malware removal guides

Not all malware, spyware or viruses can be removed automatically by software. Some intrusive software can only be removed manually. Safer-Networking Ltd, as well as providing a free edition of their malware removal tool Spybot Search & Destroy, also provide free malware removal guides. You can access this valuable resource here:

Spybot in Croatian is here!

Croatian flag
Your favourite antivirus and anti-malware internet security software, Spybot – Search and Destroy, is now available in Croatian!

To change to the language settings within Spybot select ‘Advanced User Mode’, choose Settings/Language and select your language from the list.

Spybot is currently available in: English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Ukrainian.

Our translators are working hard to continue to provide multilingual support for our users. Keep an eye on our News section for all the latest updates, including information on new languages to be added.


Spybot will soon be available in Croatian

We will soon be adding Croatian to the list of languages that Spybot is provided in. For all the Croatian-speaking people who have been waiting anxiously for this, we are proud to say that your favourite antivirus and anti-malware software will soon be available in your native language.

To change to the language settings within Spybot select ‘Advanced User Mode’, choose Settings/Language and select your language from the list.

Se habla español!

We have finally completed the Spanish translation of the Spybot user interface and it will be available for those who update their software after 30th July.

Spybot-S&D Start Center in Spanish

Spybot-S&D in Spanish

Now our loyal Spanish speaking users will be able to access all functions of our antimalware software in their native tongue. To change to the language settings within Spybot select ‘Advanced User Mode’, choose Settings/Language and select your language from the list. It is as easy as that!

Ransom and Blackmail DDoS— who’s really behind this?

Ransom and extortion is no longer reserved for sensational news and bad movies; cyber hackers are diving headfirst into this growing area of criminality. Hackers know you care dearly for your website, and they expect your protective instinct will translate into a quick payday.

Unwelcome News

Your website just went offline for 20 minutes. Few minutes later you see a strange message in your inbox that reads: “I have a DDoS army ready to attack. Pay $300 in 24 hours or I will crash your website again. Good day!” You hoped this day wouldn’t come. When you are operating a successful website, this is the last message you want to receive.

Unfortunately this type of message is more common than ever. Companies are being held against their will with ransom DDoS in this pattern. Hackers send a ‘warning shot’; just a couple Gbs of traffic to show you they mean business. Then the ransom note demanding your compliance or they will hit you even harder.

So how do you get out of this jam unscathed? Let’s examine recent ransom activity to see how you should respond to hacker threats.

DDoS is as easy as Pie

From the beginning of 2014 the cyber security industry has recorded some disconcerting trends regarding Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) “ransom attacks”. To put this trend into numbers, according to security provider Incapsula, reports of DDoS ransom threats have increased from “one or two a week” to “once or twice every other day.”

But, to what do we owe this unwelcome surge in ransom DDoS threats occurrence?

Well, for one, this new trend is a result of technological improvements that made it easier (and cheaper) than ever to command DDoS botnets.

After all our infrastructures are constantly improving. Better networks also mean higher power attacks. These are dangerous tools for those who would misuse their potential.

Moreover, increased global Internet access also facilitates the evolution of botnet malware, as more and more underdeveloped and un-secured networks are added to the general pool.

Of course there are many reasons for this uptick. Yet, whatever those reasons are, the bottom line remains the same: today, DDoS attacks cost next to nothing to execute. And, with new and widely available “botnets for hire” services, they could be initiated by everyone, not only for ransom but also out of spite or sheer boredom.

Ransom DDoS – Modus Operandi

It’s interesting to note some of the common themes that appeared time and time again, in the latest ransom DDoS attacks.

Shifting the Attention

Oddly enough, many low-level hackers will tailor their message to their target as a thinly veiled threat from a rival company.

The point of this tactic could be to create a red herring in the target company’s ensuing investigation of the threat, but the more likely motivation is to instill a feeling of paranoia in the target.

Also, companies tend to make rash decisions (like pay an uncreative hacker) when they feel their enemies are bearing down on them.

Small Price to Pay

DDoS has become so easy, one can execute a DDoS attack for 20-30 USD at a time. This ease-of-use also drives down the average ransom price to a 300-700 USD. This is obviously just “pocket change” for many websites, and some would be inclined to pay up, but before they do they need to look at the bigger picture.

One issue with paying the initial ransom is the possibility of a second threat. After all, if the hacker knows that you’ll pay up, what is stopping them from coming at you again, with harsher demands?

Also, word of a vulnerable site that is susceptible to ransom DDoS demands gets around. Even if the first hacker honors his/hers word, what’s to stop someone else from trying to shake you down with another DDoS threat down the road?

Stingy Copywriting

Creative writing is not one of hacker’s strong suits. If you can believe it, the ransom email sent to Meetup was the exact same sent to a big Israeli website, and several others as well.

Hackers hiding behind the same block of text are likely trying throw off the scent in a counter investigation.

Who’s really behind these Ransom DDoS Attacks?

Considering the size of these attacks and the sloppy methods of execution – not to mention the pocket change ransom asks – these threats look like a work of so called “script kiddies” – amateurish hackers that use someone else’s tools to turn a quick profit.

spybotThis doesn’t mean that these “attention hackers” aren’t dangerous. Still, when you do get that ransom email, it helps to know what you are up against. After all, knowing is half of the battle.

New Spybot 2.4 fixes several updating problems

Responding to user reports we released Spybot 2.4 today which fixes some bugs in Spybot’s Updater:

  • problems when bdcore.dll is updated (only Spybot +AV editions)
  • for antivirus updates the proxy settings were ignored (only Spybot +AV editions)
  • we rephrased the message that is printed when no new updates are available to be more user-friendly
  • for users of the Polish translation of Spybot, updating was broken

If you are experiencing problems updating signatures you should install this version. All
other users may skip this release.

Please download the new version from here:


(File size: 45 MB, MD5 sum: E0797E7358557BE996F1F367D1F1E0FC)

Version 2.3, a more user orientated version of Spybot has now been released

In response to the latest techniques used by malware developers we have added new enhanced detection methods. This means better protection against the new wave of spyware, rootkits  and viruses.

Scanning and cleaning is now much faster. We have ‘tweaked’ our scanning engine so it now scans faster and some cleaning tasks are now fully automated.

We have also made certain features of Spybot easier to access from the user interface at the request of our customers, many of whom gave us very useful feedback. There have also been many other functional improvements and enhancements.

For example:

  • Improved Startup Tools. These powerful tools now work with even the latest Windows Operating Systems.
  • SDScan now runs automatically with escalated privileges. This means no more annoying restarts and no need to run SDCleaner.

Furthermore we have added an exciting new ‘Notifications’ feature:

Spybot can now be configured to send the results of scans on your PC to your mobile device, server, chat or website. You no longer have to wait around while Spybot is doing a scan. As soon as your scan finishes a message will be sent to your chosen recipient and you will be informed of possible threats. This means you can react and make decisions on what action to take much faster.


(File size 45 MB, MD5 checksum: 99486b7c771bd3049fba3333ed848711)

The public beta test of the next release of Spybot +AV is now finished

The public beta test of the next release of Spybot +AV is now finished.

Many thanks to our many beta testers who gave a lot of constructive feedback to our team.
This is the reason, why we decided that this time the winners of the 7 Professional Edition Licenses are all those who left their email addresses.

There will be a final phase of bug fixes, tweaks and internal testing before the release candidate will be published. As there were no major bugs reported, this will not take very long.

Updates around Christmas and New Year

Due to the fact that Christmas and New Year are on a Wednesday this season, we will postpone the antispyware updates to the Friday after Christmas and New Year respectively.

We wish all of you a peaceful and quiet time and a Happy New Year!

Spybot +AV 2.3 beta released

Do you want to beta test the latest version of Spybot +AV?

The first public beta version of Spybot +AV 2.3 is ready for testing. Responding to requests from our users we have incorporated more than 100 usability and functionality improvements in this new version. These changes will continue to build on the reputation of Spybot +AV as your number one malware protection and security toolkit.

Notification sent from Spybot +AV 2.3 to a mobile

A notification sent from Spybot

One major new feature will be Notifications. Whether you are providing the technical support to family and friends or you are the administrator of your company’s network, this feature will allow you to keep informed of any security threats on the computers you look after.

Despite the already rigorous testing that the product has gone through, we recommend you use a virtual machine for testing. A 30 days trial license of the Spybot +AV 2.3 Professional Edition is included in this beta version (valid till 20th January 2014). When you have finished your testing we would appreciate your completing the survey. From the completed surveys we will select 7 users at random and send them a free one year Professional Edition license for Spybot +AV 2.3.

Please give us your feedback

Please report all bugs you encounter using our bug reporting form. In order to evaluate your feedback, please provide as much information as possible so that we can reproduce errors and bugs quickly.

Thank you for your help with testing Spybot +AV 2.3 and don’t forget to fill out our beta test survey!

Download links

Download Spybot +AV 2.3 Beta from one of our mirrors.

(File size 60 MB, MD5 checksum: 4438A07D02FD6CB50AE0302BB0914881)

New Spybot 2.2 to support Windows® 8.1

Microsoft will soon be releasing version 8.1 of their Windows® operating system.

While testing Windows 8.1 for Spybot +AV compatibility, we encountered changes to the Windows® Security Center and some other security techniques that made an update to Spybot necessary.

Release 2.2 of Spybot will incorporate these modifications in order to ensure compatibility with Windows® 8.1. All other changes are minor, which means that you will not need to upgrade from Spybot 2.1 to 2.2 unless you are planning on switching to Windows® 8.1.


(File size 39 MB, MD5 checksum: 66debfc4ade6a68e0827457b337bc866)

Spybot 2.1 Service Release

The second service release of Spybot 2.1 is now available. As well as background improvements we have also included updated language files and installation is now smoother. As a result of feedback from users we have also changed the default settings for Internet Protection to give better performance. The Start Center and the tray icon now give you more precise information about the status of options.


(File size 36 MB, MD5 checksum: 5041225B3ACEA99FD34EB9F026AC7D82)

Summertime Giveaway 2013

It’s that time of the year where you would like to spend your money on a six pack of coke, beer or iced tea and not on software licenses, so we decided to host another giveaway of Spybot Professional Edition licenses.

Just use our giveaway options below to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or tweet about us to gain up to five entries in the giveaway.

Winners will be drawn next week and notified right away. You can read up our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spybot +AV 2.1 Released!

Not only does Spybot +AV version have an award winning antivirus engine but it has many new features and enhancements:-

Scan Results Virus Found

Click on image to enlarge


Virus scanning and removal (Home Edition and above): The inclusion of the anti-virus engine means that we can now offer live protection against viruses.

Selective removal. Choose only the malware you want to remove. You can view what is suspected to be malware on your system and decide if you want to keep it or remove it.



The anti-virus signature files are updated multiple times every day. This means real protection always.


Simplified view of update screen. Information is now displayed in a clear, understandable graphical format.

Enhanced GUI: We have simplified the view of many component parts to make it easier for our users to understand what is happening.

Multilingual support: We have now included French and Italian languages. The language can easily be changed from within the settings section in ‘Start Center’.

MRU (Most Recently Used) Scan: If you want to do a quick scan, you can tell Spybot to scan only the most recently used files.

Scan mode for usage tracks only: You can do a dedicated scan and remove only usage tracks.

Rootkit Scan: Rootkit scan has been improved.

Faster scan speeds: In the Home Edition and above the scan engine now supports ‘Multi-core’ processors.

Live Protection

Click on image to enlarge




Live Protection: Real time live protection can be turned on or off depending on users requirements.






Click on image to enlarge

Improved ‘Protected Repair Environment’: This exclusive feature is now easier to use as it has its own dedicated easy to use ‘Spybot Taskbar’. The PRE allows you to work in an independent environment that is free from malicious threats.


Updated Boot CD Creator: Integrated tool for creating a Boot CD to allow you to do a ‘clean boot’ of an infected system.

Extensive white list for system files: This is now shared among other Spybot components to further increase scanning speed. You are prompted to create white list in the Start Center on newly commissioned systems.


If you do not require antivirus protection or already have antivirus protection installed click the button below to download the latest version of Spybot.


(File size 35 MB, MD5 checksum: 5E20685E0AD4D5797719BF31B8B5F912)

Visit our new improved Forum

As part of our service to our users Safer-Networking has always provided a free, independent forum. This forum is maintained by volunteers and Safer-Networking staff.

Symbol picture Spybot forumWe have now updated this forum to make it even easier to use. If you suspect that your system is infected, but your antivirus or antispyware software does not appear to detect anything, you might find the forum useful and informative.

The forum is constantly being updated with the latest information on threats, and you can also post any issues you might have for the attention of our team of analysts.

If you have not already used this valuable service, you will have to register to be able to post. The registration process is quick and easy, and don’t worry, we are the ‘Good Guys’, we will not release any of your details.

Spybot +AV 2.1 Beta released, final version will soon be available!

The release of Spybot +AV 2.1 in early May will mark a big change in the Spybot product. We will soon be offering a product that not only provides detection and removal of adware and spyware but also antivirus protection.Spybot +AV 2.1 Beta 2 Start Center

This is a very important milestone for us as we will be offering a product that provides complete protection against all types of malware. As well as the addition of an antivirus engine we are now also offering more frequent updates for better protection.

This product has been a long time in development and the recent release of Spybot 2 was the first step towards the launch of this new product.

You can now test and try a Beta-Version of Spybot +AV 2.1. Head over to our Beta Versions page for detailed information about this pre-release.

Our loyal users that have used and trusted our free version need not worry, we are still committed to providing our fully functioning free anti-spyware product. We will continue to develop this product  and we are commited to continuing to make it available as a free download.

Customers who buy Spybot 2 from now on will be able to upgrade to Spybot 2 +AV free of charge when it is released.

Users who have already purchased any Spybot 2 product will be offered the option to upgrade to the new version when it is released.

Some of the improvements in this new version:-

  • Antivirus scan (Home Edition and above)
  • Enhanced GUI: a simple view has been added to many components and the number of dialogues has been reduced.
  • Improved rootkit scan, suspicious results can be scanned with our File Scan
  • Multi-core processor support in scan engine (Home Edition and above)
  • Live Protection
  • Internet Security: an integrated proxy server blocks access to suspect URLs (Windows 8 is currently not supported)
  • Improved ‘Protected Repair Environment’ – now has its own easy to use Spybot taskbar
  • Updated Boot CD Creator allows to create your own Boot CD with Spybot 1 and 2
  • Boot sector scanning
  • Extensive white list for system files, now used in more Spybot components
  • Spybot now prompts you to create a white list when installed on newly commissioned systems
  • French and Italian translations now included by default

Like to get the latest about Spybot +AV 2.1? Simply follow our news

Spybot 2 now available.

It is done!

We are proud to release version 2.0 of our anti malware tool Spybot – Search & Destroy.

In our discussions with our users we realised at an early stage that they wanted a more modern user interface. We believe we have managed to create a new front end in our Start Center that has a clean Spybot 2.0 Start Centerlook while proving easy access to many additional new features and tools.

The tools available are grouped in the ‘Start Center’ into three sections. Most of the ‘Basic Tools’ existing users will be familiar with but they have all been improved to increase speed and usability

The ‘Advanced Tools’ really start to let you get to the core of your system and are not for the faint hearted. ‘Settings’ gives you control of how Spybot 2 behaves and really allows you to tailor settings to get the maximum out of our software. Here you have control of everything from schedules to choosing how Spybot 2 interacts with other installed software. By tweaking the settings available scan speeds can be fine tuned. ‘Startup Tools’ give you access to various registry settings grouped logically. This is a tool for real experts and caution should be exercised when making changes. A ‘Secure Shredder’ is also provided which allows you to effectively delete files by making sure that all traces of data have been removed. This is very useful if you are worried about confidential documents falling into the wrong hands.

‘Advanced Tools’ also provide a ‘Rootkit Scan’ Spybot 2.0 RootkitScanwhich can provide a Quick Scan of you system or a ‘Deep Scan’ which is of course more time consuming. There are also facilities here to check for updates and repairing broken system entries.

Some new tools grouped in the third section ‘Professional Tools’ are only included in the paid versions. With the ‘Professional Tools’ we are really getting into the realm of experienced user that understands exactly how difficult malware can protect itself from less advanced software. Here you will find a tool that allows you to create the popular Spybot 2 liveCD. With the liveCD you can do a ‘clean boot’ of a system and still gain access to registry hives. This is something that cannot be achieved with bootable CDs based on other operating systems. The ‘Protected Repair Environment’ which allows you to scan and clean without the interference of malware. For iPhone users there is also a useful tool provided for scanning ‘apps’.

The ‘Scripting Tool’ and ‘OpenSBI Editor’ found here are not the type of thing that would be used in the everyday detection and removal of malware but are of use in situation where an Administrator wants to provide more protection to users.

As with the previous versions we are still providing a fully functioning version for free download!


(File size 52.9 Mb, md5 checksum = 272A7ED33C052AA6F3F56802853CCC48)

If you require more protection you might be interested in our more advanced versions:

Tell me more

Third release candidate of Spybot 2 available

Start Center of Spybot-S&D 2.0

Start Center of Spybot-S&D 2.0

Spybot 2 is the next generation of our anti malware software and we are pleased to announce Release Candidate 3 is our last release candidate. We have fixed the last few bugs and further polished the user interface.

In Release Candidate 3 we now include our OpenSBI editor and a script editor for writing advanced malware removal scripts. These scripts are written using a Pascal dialect. With a Professional Edition license you can now also create a bootable CD using the included BootCDCreator.

Please test this release candidate so we can deliver a rock-solid final version of Spybot 2. You can help us by reporting bugs you may find or discuss this release candidate in our forum.

Release Candidate 3 includes a free Professional Edition Evaluation License (valid for one month). By the way: you can order Spybot-S&D 2.0 Professional right now. As an early adopter you get a license that is good for 18 months instead of the usual 12 months, which equals a 50 percent plus!

Would you like to test the Release Candidate? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Torrent]

(File size: 52 MB, MD5 sum: EFFC05414B98BC1328346D229DF586AB)

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Second release candidate of Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.0 available

Start Center of Spybot-S&D 2.0 Release Candidate 2

Start Center of Spybot-S&D 2.0 Release Candidate 2

Spybot-S&D 2.0 will be our next generation software to find and destroy Spyware, Trojan horses and other Malware on your computers. After the release of our first release candidate we fixed a lot of bugs and polished the user interface. So in Release Candidate 2 there are no new features and big changes compared to the last pre-release. Instead this version represents our efforts to stabilize the software further to deliver a rock-solid final version of Spybot-S&D 2.0 later this year.

Nevertheless this pre-release is still intended for testing purposes only. If you do not want to help with testing and by reporting bugs, please just continue using our tried-and-tested stable release Spybot-S&D 1.6.2.

Release Candidate 2 includes a free Professional Edition Evaluation License (valid for 2 months).

Would you like to test the Release Candidate? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Torrent]

(File size: 47 MB, MD5 sum: 5a716e0dac97c247d7259e81b03438f9)

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New Spybot Website

After many months of hard work by our staff and volunteers our new look multilingual website is now live. Over the next few months with the help of our volunteers we hope to add all the additional languages we had on our old website.

We hope that you will find the new site easier to navigate and the information you require easier to find. We will also, soon, have our forum updated, our team is currently working on this.

This work is all in preparation for the imminent launch of our new product ‘Spybot 2’ – a faster and more efficient version of our tried and tested world leading anti-malware product.

We will continue to provide our software, support and forums free of charge to all our private users but in order to continue we do rely on the occasional generosity of you, our user. If you value our service maybe you might feel like making a small donation?

We are almost there! First Spybot – Search & Destroy 2 Release Candidate available!

The new Protected Repair Environment

You may not notice any visual changes in Spybot Release Candidate 1 (RC1) if you compare it to the beta versions but there are a lot of improvements below the surface.

One thing you will notice is the new licensing scheme, but don’t worry we are still providing (and will continue to provide) a fully functioning free version of Spybot – Search & Destroy. All essential features such as scanning, fixing and passive protection features such as the immunization will still be available. Of course shredding files is an essential part of the free version as well. The new Startup Tools will help you to browse through autostart entries and assist you taking a deeper look in your system. Separate scans for Rootkits or single file scans are also part of Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.0 Free Edition.

The new licensing scheme is to make distribution to our professional users easier for us. Some features, like support for networked environments, boot CD creation and more – features that the average user may not require, will be available to licensed users.

While Spybot 2 has not reached final state, we will of course provide a license for testing free of charge, registration will not be required. As always, users of the free edition won’t have to register even in the future. A few highlights of the release candidate are:

  • Extended whitelisting identification for File Scanner and Startup Tools
  • New Protected Repair Environment allows to run all Spybot – Search & Destroy tools in a separate and secure desktop
  • Full Scan runs faster through files in your download directory
  • Separate File Scanner can now handle huge folders
  • Fixed problems with Cleaner on reboot
  • Added Russian localisation

Included is a free Professional Edition Evaluation License (valid for 2 months)

If you decide you like the additional features in the licensed version and want to make a minimum donation of $10, forward your receipt (PayPal or WorldPay) to sales@safer-networking.ie with the words ‘Spybot Version 2 Request‘ in the subject line and we’ll generate and send you a Personal license when version 2 is released!

Would you like to try the Release Candidate? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Torrent]

(File size: 47 MB, MD5 sum: 54D69077BD0DFFF6880E97A4C0F59A4B)

Please visit our forum for general questions or comments about this release.

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The sixth beta release of Spybot-S&D 2.0 is ready!

The cleaned up Start Center of Spybot-S&D 2.0 Beta 6

The last beta release of Spybot-S&D 2.0 finally arrived!

In this Beta we have fixed a lot of trivial and minor issues. As a result we expect Beta 6 to be the predecessor of the first release candidate. We hope you like our fresh user interface cleanup.

We would like to thank our faithful users who reported dozens of bugs.

Beta 6 features:

  • Windows 8 Security Center support
  • A modern and cleaned up user interface
  • Updated help document and style
  • Master Boot Record scans using SDRootAlyzer
  • Installer now detects more recent versions of Spybot-S&D
  • Added Uninstall Wizard to maintain undo immunization or recovery
  • Fixed exceptions when scanning files on a network share

Remember it is a beta and as such not a replacement for the stable version 1.6.2.

Known issues:

  • Tests on Windows 8 are not completely finished
  • This version does not offer the Live Protection component
  • SDChrome has been removed; the web browser extensions will be rewritten using a more flexible concept.

Would you like to test the new beta version? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Torrent] (File size: 42 MB, MD5 sum: A8B8FDD4381766C98FADC9A78906DE1F)

Please visit our forum for general questions or comments about this release. Use our bug reporting form if you want to report a bug.

Like to know more about Spybot-Search & Destroy 2.0? Simply follow our news


Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new website of Safer-Networking Ltd., the home of Spybot-Search & Destroy. This new site has been many months in development. Our aim was to make it easier for our valued users to identify the product that best suits their requirements whether it is our fully functional free version or our commercial editions.

As always Team Spybot is still the driving force behind our products and we will continue to dedicate our efforts to fight for your right to privacy when using the Internet.

Any comments you have regarding our website would be greatly appreciated. Our contact details can be found on our ‘Contact’ page.

The fifth beta release of Spybot-S&D 2.0 is ready!

In this Beta, as always, we have reacted to our users requests. As a result Beta 5 has important subsurface improvements:

  • We have revised the Uninstaller.
  • Memory consumption during scans has been optimized.
  • The detection criteria were improved and now detect more malicious files.
  • Extended logging is now easier to understand.

We have also added support for big fonts and made navigation without a mouse easier.

Once again we would like to thank those users who submitted bug reports.

Beta 5 features:

  • Start Center: New views have been added and links have been revised.
  • Refreshed the GUI: The navigation bar has been shortened.
  • The dialogs have been edited.
  • Files and Folder Scan detects even more malware (by extending the heuristic scope).
  • Files on any network resource can now be scanned (viz. UNC support).
  • The Rootkit scanner has been updated.
  • Memory consumption has been reduced.
  • Event logging has been updated.
  • The installer now prompts to uninstall a previously installed version of Spybot-S&D 2.0.
  • The uninstall procedure has been optimized.
  • Issues with Windows Security Center and Action Center integration have been fixed.
  • The “Jump to registry” mechanism has been optimized. The content of any detected item in your registry can now be easily checked.
  • Grouping has been added to SDUpdate.
  • Support for blind users has been improved.
  • Support for big fonts has been added.
  • Increased interoperability with 3rd party scanners.

Remember it is a beta and as such not a replacement for the stable version 1.6.2.

Known issues:

  • Tests on Windows 8 are not finished yet.
  • Previous betas were dedicated to getting feedback for ‘Live Protection’; this version does not have ‘Live Protection’ in order to get feedback on the other components independent of the ‘Live Protection’.

Would you like to test the new beta version? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Torrent] (File size: 44 MB, MD5 sum: 2F3C846D6C04979942A2884E2A21A3E5)

Please visit our forum for general questions or comments about this release. Use our bug reporting form if you want to report a bug.

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How to update

  1. Since version 1.5 Spybot-S&D is kept up to date by the Updater, a separate tool. To start it, please click on Update in the navigation bar. If you want to, you can also click on the button Search for Updates – then the window showing additional update types (2.) is skipped and you start immediately with the server list (3.).
  2. If you have clicked on Update a new window opens. There you can select two additional update types: beta and language updates. To go on, please click on Search.
  3. Select a download location (the nearer to you the better) and click on Continue.
  4. Select all available updates who are relevant for you (detection updates are already preselected). By clicking on Download you download them. Updates will be installed without any further action needed.

Protecting your privacy when using your computer

  1. Never send a Microsoft Word document by email. They all store information you may not want others to see. This could be information about your computer to parts of the document you believed you had already deleted long ago. Think about it how embarrasing it would be if you edited the document called “Love letter to Donna.doc” and saved it as “Love letter to Nina.doc” and Nina had a closer look at the file and suddenly realised that she received the same letter you’ve already sent to Donna.
  2. TANSTAAFL – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. If an email from an unknown person or a popup window offers you something for free, you can be sure there must be some snag. The “good guys” don’t use spam mails (unsolicitised email advertisement) or annoying ad popups. And there is no such thing as a free holiday trip coming from a popup that thousands of others see as well.
  3. Don’t answer spam, not even to use the “unsubscribe” some spam mails offer. By answering, the people behind it know that your email address is a valid one, and you’ll get even more spam in the future. The best solution I’ve found so far is to use a tool like MailWasher to send back spam mails as undeliverable.
  4. Don’t stick your passwords on PostIt notes around your screen, or under your keyboard. Don’t use the same passwords in multiple places. Don’t use your name or birthday or those of relatives as your password. Don’t give your password to anyone – not even your administrator needs to know it. I know you’ve heard and read this a lot of times before, but its important.
  5. Set your browser to block third-party cookies. Nearly every browser allows this, and it will keep out all the tracking cookies without any need of additional blocking (and you don’t need third party cookies for anything useful). And if you use Internet Explorer, make sure your security settings are at least set to Average.
  6. Even better, use an alternative to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.
  7. To be continued…

The new kind of spam coming from the good guys

First, there was spam. Dozens of mails every day trying get you to order Viagra or watches at a fraction of the retail price. Then there were viruses, Worms that spread rapidly and arriving in their hundreds every day. Both were a real irritation, and both had to be dealt with.

What many good people did was to implement both spam and virus filters. In theory this was great but in practice things are never perfect.

But in fact, my inbox is now fuller than ever. You can guess why: half of the incoming mails are “Your mail has been rejected because it contains a virus” or “… because it has been classified as spam”. Why is this? Most of you know the tricks of the current mail worms: they spoof the senders address. Anti-virus programs identify these addresses as being ‘spoofed’ but instead of deleting the mail, the antivirus gateway will send a return mail stating a “Your mail has been deleted because of a virus” back to the alledged sender.

Now these “blocked because of…” mails are nearly as irritating as spam! People who are protecting themselves against spam are causing others to suffer!

Therefore I call to everyone using spam- and virus-filters: ask your administrator them to stop sending replies to these spam mails! Call your network admin, call Symantec and McAfee and Panda, call the company managing your virus-protected mail system.

And I ask all companies and anyone developing gateways that filter and bounce spam and infected emails; do the obvious! If you know a virus uses spoofed sender addresses, make sure your gateway does NOT send a reply to the alledged sender!

About phishing

Phishing is an attempt to surreptitiously acquire classified information (for example usernames, passwords or credit card details) by concealing malicious code in an electronic communication.

For more information regarding phishing please refer to this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing

Die vier Säulen der Sicherheit für eine sichere Online-Erfahrung

Anti Malware

Offensichtlich denken Sie, dass Spybot – Search & Destroy besser ist als andere Programme in dieser Richtung und Sie und Ihre Privatssphäre ausreichend schützen kann.

Ein wichtiger Hinweis beim Download von Anti-Malware-Programmen ist, sich ausreichend über das Programm zu informieren, wobei Sie besonders die Quelle und die Vertrauenswürdigkeit überprüfen sollten.

Nutzen Sie zum Beispiel keine gesponserten Links auf Suchseiten – gefälschte Programme werden häufig als Test- oder Demoversionen mit dem gleichen Namen wie die legalen Programme angeboten. Eine andere Variante sind Rogue-Programme die nur eine oberflächliche, unzureichende Funktionalität anbieten und sogar oftmals selber Malware installieren nur um dann einen Fund anzeigen zu können den andere Programme bisher nicht entdeckt haben.

Eine Liste dieser Rogue-Programme gibt es hier: Spyware Warrior . Gehen Sie auch sicher, dass der Hersteller der Software ein Mitglied der ASC ist und sich dem entsprechenden Standard verpflichtet fühlt. (Nicht alle tun dies, lesen Sie weiter unten nach.)

Anti Virus

Das Antivirus-Programm ist immer noch die klassische Anwendung, die jeder nutzt, wenn es darum geht, bösartige Dateien aufzuspüren. Dennoch empfehlen wir es nicht, sich auf den Malware-Schutz ihres Antivirus-Programms zu verlassen und auch nicht umgekehrt das Anti-Malware-Programm als Virenscanner einzusetzen; sie benötigen beide Arten von Programmen.

Die üblichen Vorsichtsmaßnahmen, um die klassischen Viren abzuwehren haben sich auch über lange Sicht nicht geändert: öffnen Sie keine Dateien die Sie per USB/CD/DVD oder E-Mail bekommen ohne diese nicht zuerst mit Ihrem Antivirus-Programm zu überprüfen. Öffnen Sie weder Dateien, die Ihnen ein Fremder geschickt hat, noch Dateien von Ihnen bekannten Personen oder Freunden, die ohne persönliche Erklärung verschickt wurden. (Ihre Freunde könnten infiziert sein und die E-Mails automatisch an Sie schicken.) Prüfen Sie beim Download, ob die Prüfsumme der auf der Herstellerseite Angegebenen entspricht. Dazu können Sie z.B. den Filealyzer nutzen.

Folgende Produkte können wir nicht empfehlen:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2008
  • McAfee InternetSecurity 2008
  • Trendmicro Internet Security 2008

Industrielle Standards definieren Software, die die Nutzungsrechte des Benutzers hinsichtlich Änderungen der Sicherheit des Systems einschränkt, als potentiell ungewollte und gefährliche Software. Diese zwingen den Nutzer dann noch meist dazu die unbedenkliche, hilfreiche Software aufgrund von (nicht vorhandenen) Kompatibilitätsproblemen zu deinstallieren. Und würden Sie einer Firma trauen, die ihre Marktstrategie über Ihre Sicherheit stellt?

Symantec hat sich damit seinen schlechten Ruf gesichert mit ihrem CEOs Statement bezüglich wieviel Ihre Privatsphäre wert ist.


Zum momentanen Zeitpunkt können wir leider keine Firewall empfehlen. Auf der einen Seite haben wir (über eine bestimmte Zeit hinweg, aber nicht kontinuierlich) Probleme mit allen getesteten festgestellt und wir wollen keine Firewall empfehlen, die Ihr System zerstört. Auf der anderen Seite trauen wir diesen Eins-für-Alle-Lösungen nicht, wo Firewalls auch Antivirus- und Antispywareprogramme enthalten. Diese werden häufig nicht so gut gewartet und aktualisiert wie die eigens dafür gemachten Lösungen. Außerdem kann es bei den Eins-für-Alle-Lösungen öfters zu Konflikten mit anderer Sicherheitssoftware kommen.

Nach vielen überlegungen haben wir entschieden, dass es im Moment keine Firewall gibt, die wir mit gutem Gewissen empfehlen können. Die Windows Firewall kann für aufmerksame Internetnutzer ausreichend sein. Hier finden Sie eine Anleitung mit Bildmaterial:


Falls wir zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt eine Firewall-Lösung als Empfehlung finden können, werden wir Sie dies hier wissen lassen.

Spam Filter

Wenn Sie eine aktuelle Version Ihres E-Mail-Programms installiert haben, sollte dies Ihnen ausreichenden Schutz vor Spam bieten. Wenn Sie diesen Filter nutzen und er nicht zu guten Ergebnissen führt, sollten Sie einige Wochen lang selber markieren, was Sie als Spam betrachten, so dass das Programm sich dies merkt. Der beste Schutz ist aber immer noch vorsichtig mit seinen persönlichen Daten umzugehen. überprüfen Sie zwei- oder dreimal wo Sie Ihre Emailadresse hinterlassen.

Die vier Säulen der Sicherheit für eine sichere Online-Erfahrung

The four columns of security for a safe online experience


Obviously, you’ll find us positive about our own software for this purpose, Spybot – Search & Destroy, which should protect you well.

A very important advice when downloading any anti-malware application is to check the source of the file and the validity of the application twice. Do not use sponsored links on search engines for example – cheaters often try to sell inferior software “trials” labeled with the name of well known other products. Others are rogues that have only superficial functionality and might even install malware themselves to show they would detect something others are missing. A list of known fake or rogue applications can be found at Spyware Warrior.
Also, make sure the manufacturer of the solution you intend to install is a member of the ASC and does adhere to its standard (not all do, see below).


The classical area of protection that anyone knows about, initially centered on detecting files only, so we would still not recommend on depending on the malware protection from your AV (nor from that of your anti-malware – you’ll need both).

Standard precautions to avoid the classical viruses haven’t changed in a long time: do not open files you receive on disk or by email unless you scanned them with your antivirus application first. Do not open files a stranger sent you at all, nor files that seem to be coming from known persons, but are not accompanied with a personal letter (your friends machine might be infected and sending them out automatically). Verifying downloads by comparing their hash to one displayed on the website of the manufacturer is highly recommended (you can for example use our FileAlyzer product for that purpose).

Products we cannot recommend are:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2008/2009
  • McAfee InternetSecurity 2008/2009/2010
  • Trendmicro Internet Security 2008/2009/2010

Industry standards define software that impairs user control over material changes that affect their system security as potentially unwanted technologies, and these products force you to uninstall unconflicting competing software, thus lowering your computers level of security compared to other software. And should you really trust a company that’s putting marketing way over your security?


At the moment, we cannot really recommend any firewall product. On the one hand, we’ve (at some point over a long time, not continuously) experienced problems with all of them we tested and would not feel comfortable e.g. recommending a firewall that kills the system. On the other hand, we do not really believe in those one-thing-for-all solutions, where firewalls include anti-virus and anti-spyware applications that are often not as well maintained as dedicated solutions and may conflict with other installed security software.

After much thought, we’ve decided that we simply could not find any third party software firewall we can currently recommend with a safe conscience. The Windows Firewall could be regarded as sufficient for sensible Internet users. We’ll update this part with better information when we come across it.

Spam Filters

If you’ve got an up to date version of your email application installed, it’ll already come with a sufficient spam filter. If you enable it and it doesn’t lead to good results immediately, you might have to “train” it for a few weeks by manually flagging spam emails. And the best protection against spam still is to deal sensitive with your personal data. Check twice or thrice where you leave your email address.

May the fourth be with you! Spybot Search & Destroy 2.0 Beta 4 is here!

Spybot2The fourth beta release of Spybot-S&D 2.0 is now ready! We would especially like to thank all users who have submitted bug reports and suggestions for Spybot-S&D 2.0 in recent weeks. Your efforts greatly helped to eliminate lots of bugs. Please keep up the good work and test our fourth public beta as well!

Beta 4 has much improved Live Protection and many bug fixes in different areas. We have also focused our efforts on testing Sypbot-S&D 2.0 for compatibility with third-party products in this release cycle.

Some highlights of this release are:

  • Live Protection is now enabled by default
  • Performance improvements for Live Protection
  • Live Protection scans can be cancelled
  • Improved compatibility with third-party products
  • Explorer Context Menu Extension for files and folders

Would you like to test the new beta version? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Torrent] (File size: 46 MB, MD5 sum: def2c22520c079094854204809255c57)

Please visit our forum for general questions or comments about this release. Use our bug reporting form if you want to report a bug.

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Third beta version of Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.0 released!

Third Beta VersionThe third beta release of Spybot-S&D 2.0 is now ready! After one more month of public beta testing many of the bugs that were reported have been fixed. We have also included your suggestions into this release.

Beta 3 sees many speed enhancements, greater stability and improved Live Protection.

Some highlights of this release are:

  • Improved Live Protection allowing you to block and remove detected malware.
  • Global system file whitelisting for Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • The personal whitelisting component has been updated.
  • Improved scanning speed.
  • Updated browser detection and immunization.
  • Updated settings for background services.
  • Added URL whitelisting and cookie protection to Google Chrome extension.
  • Enhanced error reporting.
  • Fixes for known memory leaks and update issues.

Would you like to test the new beta version? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Torrent] (File size: 45 MB, MD5 sum: 5530be1c9e99ef8eb140198aefe422bb)

Comment or ask a question? Please visit our support forum. If you found a bug please report it in detail with our bug reporting form.

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Second beta version of Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.0 released!

Second Beta VersionThe second beta release of Spybot-S&D 2.0 is now ready! After one month of public beta testing we fixed many bugs that you reported and incorporated your suggestions into this release.

The user interface has been improved and Beta 2 includes new features that were not ready when Beta 1 was released.

Some highlights of this release are:

  • Reduced download size compared to Spybot-S&D 2.0 Beta 1.
  • Faster installation procedure with a new option to preconfigure Spybot-S&D for a care free setup.
  • Experimental plugin for Google Chrome.
  • Experimental on-access scanner.
  • Optional heuristic scans.
  • Spybot-S&D’s modules can now be directly opened from its tray icon.
  • Fixed known uninstallation issues and tons of other bug fixes.

Would you like to test the new beta version? Download it here: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Torrent] (File size: 40 MB, MD5 sum: 0bb0786e73bdd1f236cb9b3a0df677c5)

Comment or ask a question? Please visit our support forum. If you found a bug please report it in detail with our bug reporting form.

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