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Get the security and privacy you were looking for on your Android device now: Spybot Mobile Security is available for download. Like Spybot – Search & Destroy it will protect you from malware and malicious websites and give you a lot of tools to secure your device. If you are familiar with our privacy solutions, Spybot Anti-Beacon and Spybot Identity Monitor, you will appreciate that this app (unlike others) does not send out your data to anyone and will check if the data you deliberately gave away to others was compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to “Get Started” with SMS?

See the previous FAQ on How to Download and Install SMS & How to Activate your SMS Subscription

After downloading, installing and activating SMS we must continue with the initial setup.

Activating Web Protection

You will be asked if you would like to enable Web Protection. This feature will protect you from malware and malicious sites when browsing the internet and is compatible with the majority of most commonly used web browsers.

    • Press Activate which will bring you to your devices Accessibility page.

    • Scroll down then press where Spybot Mobile Security is listed then Turn on the Accessibility service by moving the slider to the ON position.

This is required to allow SMS to scan pages and warn about dangerous pages as well.

You will then see a notification informing you that Spybot needs to observe your actions and retrieve window content to allow Web Protection to function correctly.

  • Press OK then press back to return to the setup.

Scanning Your Device

Here you have the option to perform a quick scan to check for any threats or malware that may be on your device.

    • Press the Scan Now button to begin the scan.

    • To run the Scan you will need to give SMS permission to access Photos, Media and files and your device as well as to make Phone Calls. Press Allow for both of these.

You can choose to skip the scan for now by pressing the Not Now button but you can run a scan at any time from the apps menu screen.

The scan should complete in a couple of seconds.

When the scan is finished you will be brought to the apps main menu and will show that your device is Safe or will list the threats that have been discovered on your device.

It will also show that the scan is complete in the notifications area of your device.

The initial setup is now complete.

See the previous FAQ on How to Activate Anti-Theft Protection which is required to allow you to remotely lock, locate and wipe your device as well as uninstalling SMS.

How to Activate Anti-Theft Protection?

Anti-Theft Protection allows you to remotely lock, locate and wipe your device. For this you will need to enable Administrator Privileges for the app as well as setting an application pin which is required to make security changes and allow the uninstallation of Spybot Mobile Security.

  • To enable Anti-Theft Protection, scroll down to where Anti-Theft Protection is listed in the apps main menu then press Activate

Here you will need to allow Administrator Privileges to enable this feature.

  • Press the Turn On button.

You will then be asked to give SMS access to the device location. If you want to find your device in the case of loss, you have to press on Allow.

On the next page, SMS will bring you to the device admin app permission page. Here it lists features that are required to run with Administrator Privileges such as changing the screen lock and locking the screen.

  • Press the Activate this device admin app button.

You will then have to set an application pin.

  • Enter a strong and secure pin code then press SET PIN.

!! Make sure that you remember this pin or securely store it as you will need it in the future when using features of Anti-Theft Protection as well as for uninstalling the SMS !!

The last popup will ask you for permission to take silent photos with the front camera in the event that intruders try to access your device.

  • If you want to use this useful feature, just press on TURN ON.
  • You have now to give the permission, by pressing Allow in the further upcoming popup.
  • You will now see the Anti-Theft Protection menu which lists all of the features of Anti-Theft Protection which are:

    • Remote Locate
    • Remote Lock
    • Remote Wipe
    • Scream

    How to Activate your SMS Subscription?

    Spybot Mobile Security comes with a 14 day trial. After this trial period has ended you will need to purchase a license to continue using SMS.

    If you have purchased a license for Spybot Mobile Security and wish to activate it, you can do this in 2 ways:

    Method 1: Activate during Setup

      • During the initial setup of SMS you will be asked if you would like to activate your SMS subscription on the "Let's secure your device" page.

    • Press the I HAVE A CODE button, then enter the activation code (10 digits) that was sent to you in your purchase receipt then press ACTIVATE.

    Method 2: Activate through Account Settings

    If you decided to purchase an activation code after installing SMS, you enter the activation code through the account settings menu.

    • Press the 3 dots in the bottom menu then click on where it lists your email address and name.
    • Press “Add an activation code” then enter the Activation code that was sent to you in your purchase receipt email.

    You are now set up with an active Spybot Mobile Security Subscription!

    See the next FAQ on How to Get Started with SMS

    How to Download and Install SMS?

    Download & Install SMS

    Spybot Mobile Security is available on the Google Play Store.

    Go to the Play Store using the link below or search for Spybot Mobile Security in the Play Store Search then press on Spybot Mobile Security.

    Use the Install button and the app will be installed as soon as Google Play does not update or install another apps.

    The download and installation will begin and will be completed in a few seconds.

    Open SMS

    Once SMS has downloaded and installed, you can launch it by pressing the OPEN button in the Play Store App or by swiping down at the top of the screen and pressing on the app in the notifications area. You can also open it through the Apps menu on your device.

    Create Spybot Central Account

    When you first open SMS you will be asked to agree to the subscription agreement for Spybot Mobile Security. Tick the I agree with the Subscription agreement checkbox then press Continue.

    Next you will need to create an account (if you don‘t already have an account) for the Spybot Central. This is a centralised management system for SMS which will help you to locate, lock or wipe your device in the event of loss or theft and allows you to keep track of your device installations.

    Press the Create one button then enter your name, email address and password then tick the I agree with the Terms of Use checkbox and press Create Account.

    See also the FAQ on How to Activate your SMS Subscription.

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    On-install Scanning

    When apps are being installed they are scanned for potential threats, automatically.

    On-demand Scanning

    If your are concerned at any time about applications that you have installed you can manually initiate a scan.

    Web Security

    This is similar to the Immunization feature of our Spybot products. Malicious site care blocked so you cannot visit them.

    Account Privacy

    Prevent your e-mail accounts from leaking your private data and keep your personal data information safe.


    Locate, lock or wipe your device if it is stolen.

    App Lock

    Use PIN code to lock any apps you choose. The PIN code can be disabled automatically if you are using a trusted Wi-Fi network.

    Protect Android Wear devices

    Spybot for Android can protect your smart watch by allowing you to set an alarm to sound if you move too far away from the device.


    Spybot Mobile Security
    Supported Operating Systems:
    • Android 4.2 - Android 9