Why choose Spybot Anti-Beacon?

  • It’s sincere – Spybot Anti-Beacon is transparent and open in what it does, listing details of the changes it makes to your system for those interested.
  • It’s affordable – Actually, it’s free! And it’s created by a passionate, privacy-concerned team. There are a lot of anti-telemetry instructions, scripts and tools on the Internet, but we’re careful to include only the real things.
  • We are comprehensive – Spybot Anti-Beacon lists optional features to block on a separate page. Our team uses cutting-edge technology and has extensive experience working with malware and spyware.
  • It’s flexible – if you’re the family tech guy, you can simply pick up the Portable Edition and carry it on your thumb drive.
  • It’s user friendly – press one button and you’re done!

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Why do I need Spybot Anti-Beacon?

We at Safer-Networking Ltd respect Microsoft’s wish to get feedback from users to improve their operating system, but we firmly believe it is the user’s right to choose how much of their data they wish to share.

While Microsoft have included the ability to disable certain telemetry options in Windows 10, it can be quite difficult to disable all of these manually. For this reason, we have created a tool that will do this with the click of a button, and can be updated to include telemetry additions which are added by Microsoft in the future.

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What is Spybot Anti-Beacon?

Spybot Anti-Beacon is a small utility designed to block and stop the various tracking (aka telemetry) issues that come with Windows.

Seeing the bunch of incomplete or broken scripts to disable tracking in Windows 10, and the tools that install adware or worse in exchange for their function, we wrapped disabling tracking up in a small tool that’s free and clean. With the upcoming news about telemetry in Windows 7 and 8.1, Spybot Anti-Beacon has added support for those as well.

See our forum thread about Spybot Anti-Beacon for download details.

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