What is the immunization feature and what are the other permanent protection options?

Spybot – Search & Destroy offers the Immunization – a feature to allow you to immunize your computer against certain spyware.
It also allows you to use native browser settings to block cookies, malware installations,
bad websites and other threats via ActiveX.

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Why are some of my favourite internet sites blocked?

In that case the immunization has to be undone. To do so run the Start Center and click on “Immunization“. On the navigation bar on the left you can “Undo immunization“.
Please note: Now the bad downloads will not be blocked any longer! You may have to restart your computer. Then try again to open your favourite pages. Do not forget to Immunize again after visiting that page.

FAQ Category: 2.0 only, Immunization, Spybot 2

Why does the immunization “not work”?

On Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8, you need to run the immunization with elevated privileges, otherwise all global immunizations will fail.
To elevate, right-click the Spybot – Search & Destroy shortcut and choose Run as Administrator.
Spybot 2 will offer you to run the Immunization elevated if you do not run it as described above.
If you have chosen to not have this dialog shown again when it was previously shown,
you can re-enable it by using the Dialogs tab of the Settings window.

If you think nothing has been immunized, please make sure you have clicked on “Check system” which can be found on the navigation bar on the left. This will check for already applied immunization.

In order to immunize correctly please close all open browsers.
Also using more than one security software with resident protection can cause conflicts.
Please take a look at this thread in our forum: Various reasons for incomplete immunization

FAQ Category: 2.0 only, Immunization, Spybot 2