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Why does Spybot – Search & Destroy flag changes in the Windows Security Center?

November 8th, 2012

Spybot 2 detects registry changes associated with Microsoft Security Center;
they are listed as “Windows Security Center”. This is neither a false positive nor a bug.
It is just an information about a potential threat – Spybot 2 only wants to bring to your attention that someone or something disabled one or more notifications in the Windows Security Center, e.g. the notifications that your virus protection is not active or not up-to-date.
If you changed the settings yourself you can safely tell Spybot 2 to exclude those detections from further scans.
In order to do so you have to run the Start Center, switch to advance mode and start Settings.
Now browse to the “Ignore List“ tab. Via the “Add“ button you will get a list of products to be excluded. Just select the product you want to exclude and hit “OK“.
Settings can also be launched via SDTray (the small Spybot 2 icon beside your systems clock in the taskbar).
The same is true if you have another security solution installed (like McAfee Security Center or Norton Internet Security).
These programs disable announcements of Window Security Center in order to signal things by themselves.
The reason why the changes are flagged by Spybot 2 is that there are also malware programs that disable the notifications so the user does not take note of his security tools not being effective.
More information is available in our forum: Windows Security Center

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