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Why do I see “Internet protection: basic” in Spybot’s Start Center?

June 11th, 2013

SDDisableProxyResultIf your Internet protection is set to ‘Basic’ the most likely reasons are that when the software was installed the default setting was ‘Disabled’ or when updates were installed the setting was changed automatically. This setting can also be changed by the user.

The ‘Proxy’ feature filters all Internet traffic thus it can reduce your browsing performance. While this provides maximum protection it can sometimes be annoying. We therefore issued an update to 2.1 and released a new Software installer (Spybot 2.1.20 SR 1). This update turns off the Proxy and so the Start Center to display “Internet protection: basic” instead of “full”.

If speed is not an issue and you want all data coming from the internet to be filtered, you can enable the proxy by opening the Start Centre selecting ‘Settings’ clicking the “Internet Protection” tab and ticking the box ‘Use Spybot proxy’.

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