Is Spybot-S&D compatible with other resident protection tools?

Using more than one anti-spyware program with a resident protection tool might cause conflicts. However, Spybot – Search & Destroy’s Resident protection is designed such that there should not be any compatibility issues.

In rare cases there could appear a problem because another security program detects our ‘TeaTimer’ and flags it as bad. This could be because TeaTimer is able to change registry settings because it is a realtime protection tool. (for more information about Resident TeaTimer see this FAQ entry).

Another issue could be that the Keylogger detection files and Keyloggers.*.nfo of Spybot-S&D are detected as an Activity Monitor Keylogger. These detected keyloggers are just the Spybot-S&D detection rules, which obviously need to contain the names of the threats. Please ignore these false positives. There is a related article on our website.

For more information there is compatibility overview, listing some software for which there have been questions on compatibility.

Items that have been removed and are now stored in the recovery area as zip files might be detected and flagged as bad. The zip files are needed for recovery in case something does not work after fixing a problem with Spybot-S&D.

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