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Why do I get a “HTTP Error 403” or “bad checksum” error?

June 26th, 2012

If you search for updates and a “HTTP Error 403” or “bad checksum” is displayed, this has a simple reason – millions of people trying to download from the same server.

In order to overcome the problem, please have a second look at the update menu bar after searching for new updates. Therefore choose Update from the navigation bar on the left. Now you will see the update menu bar. It has a pull-down item to select a mirror. Click the arrow beside it, and select a different location (first try the ones located nearest to you), where you will most probably have better chances to download.

You can also download the updates manually, either from our Website or by using the direct download link. Just download and run that file – it is self-installing.

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FAQ Category: Spybot 1.6, Updates

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