How to Update Spybot

Updating Spybot 1.6:

Since version 1.5 Spybot-S&D is kept up to date by the Updater, a separate tool. To start it, please click on Update in the navigation bar. If you want to, you can also click on the button Search for Updates – then the window showing additional update types (2.) is skipped and you start immediately with the server list (3.).
If you have clicked on Update a new window opens. There you can select two additional update types: beta and language updates. To go on, please click on Search.
Select a download location (the nearer to you the better) and click on Continue.
Select all available updates who are relevant for you (detection updates are already preselected). By clicking on Download you download them. Updates will be installed without any further action needed.

Updating Spybot 2:

Please see here for instructions if you are experiencing any issues downloading updates for Spybot 2.

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