Are there any command line parameters that can be used with Spybot S&D?

Here is a list of command line parameters that the Spybot-S&D main executable (SpybotSD.exe) supports:


Runs Spybot-S&D completely hidden (no window, no taskbar icon), so make absolutely sure you use it only in combination with /autoclose (otherwise it would remain in memory sitting idle). Useful only in combination with /autocheck, /autoupdate or /autoimmunize, as it cannot be controlled when completely invisible.

Starts the window minimized.

Uninstalls Spybot-S&D. This command line parameter is very outdated – unins000.exe should be used instead!

Starts with support for blind users (special menus).

Scans all Windows installations on your system, even inactive ones (for an alternative solution see this FAQ entry).

Does an update after starting the program.

Starts scanning immediately.

Fixes problems after scan.

Closes program after it has scanned or updated.

Runs the immunization at program start.

Fixes only spyware (red) entries with /autofix, leaving all usage tracks as they are.

Starts with easier interface for beginners.

Updates the English.sbl language file with the newest texts; useful only for translators.

And here is a list of command line parameters that the Spybot-S&D installer (spybotsd16.exe) supports:

Will skip the first page of the installation wizard (Do you wish to continue? …)

Will display the progress during installation, but not the wizard.

Even the progress will not be shown. Errors etc. would still be shown.

Will use standard actions for message boxes (no overwriting of files, cancelling where the alternative would be retrying…)

/log (or /log=”filename”)
Creates a log file in the temp folder that contains detailed information about actions taking place during the installation.

Disables the Cancel and Close button. Useful with /silent.

Suppress reboots even if they were necessary at the end of the installation.

If a restart is needed, the setup would return the specified exit code.

/loadinf=”filename” (and /saveinf=”filename”)
Can be used to use a saved setup configuration (or save one).

Overrides the language dialog with a predefined language. Use ISO 2 letter language describers here.

Installs into that directory instead of the default one.

/group=”folder name”
Installs into a program group of that name instead of the default one.

Avoids creation of any icons for the installed software.

Starts installation with a give type. Supported types are
blind and

/components=”comma separated list of component names”

Installs the given components instead of the default ones. Supported components are:

º main
º blind (icons for blind users)
º language (all language files)
º skins
º updatedl (for downloading updates as part of the installation)
º updatew95 (to download prerequisites on Windows 95)
º SDWinSec (to install the Security Center integration on Vista)
º SDShredder (to install the stand-alone shredder)
º SDDelFile (to install the file removal helper).

/tasks=”comma separated list of tasks”
Specifies a list of tasks that should be executed. Tasks currently supported are:

/mergetasks=”comma separated list of tasks”
Same as /tasks, just with the exception that standard tasks are not disabled by default.

Note: Please be aware that the Spybot-S&D path has to be in quotation marks and multiple parameters have to be separated by a space.

Example: “C:\Program Files\Spybot – Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe” /taskbarhide /autoclose /autocheck /autofix /onlyspyware

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